Stool / Side table Designed with FUGITIVE GLUE

BOMBA stools are made using de-commissioned propane tanks. The empty tanks that fail inspection are selected, cut, sandblasted clean and welded back together  - often preserving the found qualities of the outer finish. A wooden top creates the seat that can double as a side table. 


Window treatment Designed with FUGITIVE GLUE

Vinyl ad banners are discarded after the campaigns run their course. This project seeks to reclaim those materials and repurpose them into a useful roller blind for the home.

Layering of this mesh creates unique effects, and transparency can be adjusted by adding or removing layers depending on the users privacy requirements. 


Decorative rugs designed with FUGITIVE GLUE and Robyn Waffle for MODALLION.

Aerial photographs from the film "PETROPOLIS" inspired the idea and were used for the images, later edited and ran through rug-knot imaging software. 

Each runner sample was handmade in Nepal by skilled artisans using wool, hemp and silk fibers. Details are carved in to emphasize contrasting knotting techniques and pile heights.

The owner of the rug is one who chooses to be reminded every day of their responsibility to respect the earth and to tread lightly. 

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